When it comes to choosing the right contractor for the Multi-Family housing and property industry, our team recommends you look for a few specific things. These include experience, understanding, and reliability.

What is their track record for projects they have completed? The best way to learn how to do something is to do it, however making sure a contractor has done similar work is essential and has the experience needed to meet all expectations successfully. The last thing you want is for an inexperienced contractor to take on more than they can handle, as nobody wins in that situation.

We believe it is critical for any contractor to demonstrate a clear understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. We try to accomplish this by “walking” the client through the project on a step-by-step basis, and in doing so, we can educate them on what is going to happen, and more importantly the “why” behind it.

Reliability and trust are characteristics that get us through most of our contracts with our largest clients. We try to be as reliable as we can at all times. Pedro, one of our team members, said, “I’m there for them as a tool; they can count on me to know my trade and if something goes wrong during production, they know I will take care of it. If something happens after we finish, they know they can call me, and I’ll take care of whatever it is without any hesitation.” Reliability goes past getting things done, starts before, during and post-production on projects. A reliable contractor builds trust over the years and has brought many clients back to our team for continued business in the Multi-Family industry.

Our team would be thrilled to discuss your needs and goals if you are in the Bay Area or Southern California. Contact us today at either www.btaylorpainting.com for a paint contractor or www.freestone-reconstruction.com for a construction contractor. You may also give us a call at (888) 634-6474.

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