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Multi-Family Property Painting

Meeting needs,

one client-relationship at a time.

When quality and customer service matter, B. Taylor Painting is your leader in the multi-family and affordable housing painting industry. Many of our multi-family property painting and affordable housing clients appreciate the fact our entire team holds true to our core values. Clients often mention how they intentionally choose our team because our values of family first, forthright, friendly, fun, and forgiving – align with their value systems as well.

Greater than 60% of our current portfolio are multi-family and affordable housing clients, many of whom we have served for numerous years.

The retention rates on these clients stem from three attributes of our team:

HOA painting

Customer Service.

B. Taylor Painting’s motto is “Do the doing.” When it comes to our multi-family property painting service, we walk the talk every day. Every client has goals and needs to be met, and it’s our mission to exceed what they envision.


Every client desires to know how their project is moving along and what to expect with scheduling. Clients want to be kept up to date and not left hanging with no information. We provide thorough communication for every client from the first meeting. Our communication comes in the form of calls, texts, emails, and branded documentation in an e-newsletter format. Every multi-family property painting project has its own production update, which is sent out on a weekly basis and includes project photos, production news, schedule changes, and contact information.

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We pride ourselves on employing professional, highly-trained painters, who enjoy coming to work every day. Crew members are respectful, knowledgeable, and approachable. Our superintendents and foremen have been with our team for more than 10 years and they know what is best for every type of project. Team members work closely with our paint suppliers to determine the best coating for each substrate and apply them carefully to get the desired results.

Our primary paint suppliers include:

If you are considering a repaint for your multi-family or affordable housing property, we would love to start out by visiting with you.

We will want to know your vision for colors and trends, scheduling needs, and any additional carpentry or repairs that may be needed as well prior to painting. Then, we will schedule a visit with you on your property to estimate the project and gather details to submit a proposal.

We encourage you to pre-plan your project, even if it’s a year out. Getting your spot in our schedule and proposals signed is the first, and most important step.

As time draws nearer to your painting project, we will communicate with you every step of the way and you will know exactly what to expect from our team and when. We will also ensure your team and residents are aware of project scheduling and know ahead of time if their area(s) will be impacted by the project.

Safety comes first on every job site, and your property will never be an exception. From proper PPE to COVID-19 face coverings and regulations, our team puts everyone’s safety as a priority. We document who is on-site and keep track of all personnel in an effort to keep everyone healthy and safe.

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Join the Family

It has been a pleasure having our lead foremen and painters serve our customers throughout the years, as our company has grown into an industry leader in the Bay Area. Our customer loyalty also holds true with our employees. After 24 years together, our painters are just part of the family.
Allow us to show you why the same clients we serviced 24 years ago are still our industry partners today.