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We are the leaders in

Multi-Family and Commercial Painting Projects

B. Taylor Painting, Inc. is willing to do any job from painting a front door to repainting an entire community!

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Our Core Values: Family, Fun, Friendly, Forthright, Forgiving


Hard work, attention to detail, customer relationships, and high-quality service were critical skills Brian Taylor learned as a kid when he worked with his dad. He developed these skills into the founding principles of his business 24 years ago. Brian started a company based off of his values and continued to emphasize one of his highest values: family. His own, his employees’ and his clients’.

B. Taylor Painting, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Brian Taylor, who has been in the painting industry since 1994. While primarily focusing on Multi-Family residences, we do both commercial and residential home-owners associations. Our portfolio also includes high-rise apartments, condominiums, retail centers, industrial facilities and professional buildings. As both a licensed painting contractor and general contractor, B. Taylor Painting, Inc. can assist with carpentry and dry-rot repairs, as well as drywall, patch, repairs, and replacement.

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Multi-Family Painting

Our Multi-Family clients create one of the largest sectors of our portfolio, and our work within the industry spans across all 9 Bay Area counties.

Commercial Painting

We are proud to have clients still with us today from the healthcare and commercial property industries. Relationships based on longevity are second to none.

HOA Painting

Your homeowners and Board of Directors deserve to have an HOA painting contractor that they can trust. From thorough communication, to fast schedules, we look forward to working with them!


B. Taylor Painting


Call (888) 634-6474 for your proposal request.

Client Relationships

Our business model is built on 24 years of lasting relationships.

High Quality Work

From specific details to the final product, our work boasts of high quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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