FUN – It’s our #2 team value.

Fun is an important core value for us to have on a daily basis because most of our work can be relatively boring and difficult. If we make decisions based on whether it’s going to be fun or not fun, at least we know what we’re in for. We recognize not all decisions in business are going to be fun, however, it’s worth the extra effort to smile, find light-hearted moments, and create joy whenever possible. 

Growing a successful business and having satisfied, happy clients can be challenging. That fact alone may be the reason why so many businesses are emotionally bankrupt. 

We’ve asked our leaders over the years to complete intense projects, lead large teams and make critical decisions without checking on their EQ, which can cause a life of turmoil. It’s important to us to check in on both our team members and clients with each project and afterward.

Are you having challenges you find too difficult to bear alone? Do you feel like everyone you turn to professionally is just passing the buck? Are you starting your day most days thinking “this isn’t going to be any fun?” 

This is the exact reason we have fun in our value system. 

When we experience numerous hard and boring days at work, We ask ourselves what needs to change? The first aspect we reflect on is our value system and determine what change needs to take place to create more fun in our professional life. 

It’s that simple. As a team, we have decided having fun is important to us. 


Questions for you: 

What important value do you have in your company that your team members can make decisions based off of? 

Are the business partners you’re working with or clients you have properly matched to the values you live and work off of daily? 

If your answer is “no” to the questions above, we urge YOU to review your list of professionals you interact with on a daily basis and determine if you are going to keep them in your circle for 2020. The importance of doing this is making sure you are intentional with the workload and the people you are asking your team members to serve throughout the year. When you properly match everybody up and do not leave any area of confusion the rest will take care of itself. 


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