Work may look a little different, you may still have several projects to do, but do you feel isolated?


As a country, we have been asked to social distance – that does not mean social isolation.


As a team, we are reaching out and touching base not only with each other, but with our clients as well. Although we are an essential business and still performing some work in the field under California and CDC guidelines, our main goal is to keep in touch with our business partners and friends. 


How are you doing? We want to know how YOU are doing during these times. You may have a great idea or a schedule you are sticking to. Possibly you are trying new recipes at lunch or you have discovered how to meet your residents’ needs. We would love to hear it! 


A few of our business partners have teamed up with us on Thursdays at 1 p.m. to virtually visit about life and how their business has been impacted. 


Whether you want to join a Zoom call, send us a text, or give a team member a call – we are here for you. We are in the trenches with you and we get it. 


Email us here if you would like to schedule a meeting to visit, vent, cry, laugh or catch up! WE are looking forward to it!


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