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Commercial Painting

Exceeding expectations,

one client-relationship at a time.

Trusting a company with any large-scale project is a big deal because your money matters. However, when it comes to commercial painting, we want you to know you can trust us to get the job done correctly, the first time. We have more than 22 years in the painting industry and the expertise to make you feel confident in your choice to work with us.

Our dedicated staff are provided with high-end tools, equipment, and supplies to ensure the painting work we do for our customers is unparalleled. Professionalism and personalized communication is key to making sure you get the results you are looking for from your painting project.

We have transformed hundreds of commercial buildings and properties across the state of California, for more than 22 years. These properties include shopping centers, warehouses, hospitals, storage units, and more. Contact us for a proposal request. 

Whether it’s sandpaper or the latest model of a vapor abrasive blaster, tradesmen have always optimized their resources to get the job done. However, what sets a tradesman apart – a company apart – is how they use the tools they pick up.

“The biggest thing is that it allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and allows us to give peace of mind to our clients using this machine on the metal,” Pedro Cazares said. “The prep that we’re doing on the metal is going to hold up longer.”

Starting with a free site evaluation, we take the extra time to go over any problem areas and thoroughly inspect your property before giving you a thorough scope of work and pricing list. We also guarantee we will be forthright in our feedback and inspections, never taking advantage of an opportunity or project. This guarantee is backed by our company-wide value system.

In addition to being licensed painting contractors, we are also licensed in general contracting. This allows us to also assist our customers with carpentry, dry rot repairs, and drywall painting, repairs, and replacement – saving you the hassle of trying to deal with multiple contractors for one project.

commercial painting
commercial painting

Clients of ours can vouch for the fact we will never do a project and walk away. Tailgate warranties are not our cup of tea. The term “tailgate warranty” stemmed from industry folks back in the day who would offer a warranty as long as you saw their tailgate. Toothpaste would hardly hold their building up. These businesses still exist today.

Business here at B. Taylor Painting is different because we are a service company. We follow up after every commercial painting project and we see value in doing exactly what we say we will do.

Our team is honest with every client and tells them the warranty prior to wrapping up the commercial project. We answer any questions the client has and encourage preventative maintenance plans to help protect property.

“In the seven years I have worked for Brian Taylor, I have received three or four calls about warranty; that’s a great record when you look at how many projects we have completed in that time frame.”
Pedro Cazares
General manager,