Are you working at home due to COVID-19 or to avoid illness? We have a few team members who work remotely and/or work as much as possible from their home office. Be sure to check out their tips below when it comes to being efficient, hustling at home, and keeping in contact with business partners and clients. 

Google Programs are Your Friend  

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be used to work on projects with other team members or easily share work that needs a second set of eyes to be completed. We utilize Google Docs to easily share information, plans, schedules, and reports with our team.

Utilize Video Chat

Zoom, Facebook, Google Chat, and YouTube all have access to video chatting. Rather than having a phone call, utilize one of these platforms to meet, share ideas, and have a “personal feel” to your meeting. 

Schedule Your Time

Make efficient use of your time by setting timers and organizing your time before you begin projects. Some of our team uses a paper planner with block scheduling. Others prefer their phone calendar or a simple sticky note with a to-do list. Whatever suits you, use it. 

Meal Prep and Stay Healthy

Take advantage of the time you have at home to eat a healthier lunch, wash your hands often and drink more water. If you need to take a walk to destress or clear your mind, do it anytime throughout the day. A brisk walk once or twice a day will do wonders for you. You may find these actions will give you added creativity and more energy to hustle through your tasks and stay in touch with your team. 

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