A Sprinkle of Misunderstandings

When was the last time you let a sprinkle of rain get in the way of a big project? 

A common scenario regarding project proposals is similar to the following:

B. Taylor Account Manager: “Good morning, I am following up to see how the board meeting went the other day. Did the project get awarded? Were there any questions regarding the proposal? When can we start?”

Client: “Hey, Thanks for calling and following up. No, unfortunately, the painting project didn’t get signed or awarded because the board felt that the rainy season was upon us, and they decided to wait until next year!”

After a phone call as such, we hang up and ask ourselves why the board waited until quarter 1 of the new year to sign a paint project? When they could have signed it in quarter 4, it leaves us a bit perplexed. 

Our confusion stems from the simple fact that it takes (sometimes) months’ worth of time for us to prepare the project. Plus, we are able to paint in the wet months, especially interior projects. We work around the weather to complete exterior paintings as well. 

A timely signed contract allows us to get it scheduled, prepare pre-production paperwork and our workforce. Projects added to the calendar of future work are the ones with signed contracts.

As a team, we keep everyone posted on future jobs. The labor force enjoys knowing what projects they are slated for next, just as much as leadership loves planning each project. We believe it is best to be fair to our team members in the field by offering them a peace of mind in regards to their workload and stability of their job, as they have families to support. 

During the wet months, if our clients procrastinate in the process of getting contracts signed, there is no guarantee there will be a workforce immediately ready to beautify their neighborhood. This is a key reason contacts need to be signed months in advance. 

Our leadership team is best equipped and prepared to exceed client expectations when we can schedule projects and plan each one appropriately with ample time. At the very least, when a project gets signed a couple of quarters ahead of time, you are allowing the contractor to order some material, mockup the property, and get the right paint and paint colors on the wall. 

Business partners, do everyone a favor and make plans now to sign contracts in quarters 3 and 4 this year for all your contractors in 2021. 


Your Money Matters

Have you started planning your next project?

After being in the industry for 20 years, we have had the opportunity to answer several questions. However, when it comes to budgets, these two questions come up often during the budget planning season.

“When is the right time to start planning my project budget?”

Depending on your company’s reserve processes, keep up to date with possible or impending costs of work is key to a streamlined and successful year. So, when is the right time? Now, there’s no harm in being prepared.

“How do I go about planning a budget if I don’t know what to expect? Who can I work with to help plan my budget?”

Planning your budget starts with knowing your business partners; a good business partner provides clear and complete information to you regardless of the type or size of any given project. The SERVICE that the business partner offers is key to knowing what to expect. A trades professional will be able to honestly tell you what they think is imminent and what can wait, will provide a clear scope of work and a fair cost for the project.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your budgets:

  • Timing is key! Leave ample time to thoroughly assess your budgets.
  • Determine your scope of work, or have a general idea. We will help with the rest.
  • Site maps are much appreciated, but not necessary.
  • How soon do you think this work will happen? We’ll need to make reasonable assumptions regarding labor and material costs if its several years out.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help. We love helping clients build bids for projects.

Our team offers budgeting assistance, which mainly happens from April – June. If we can help you, please let our team know here!

Lasting Industry Relationships

Known, understood, believed in, pursued … we all want these feelings in relationships, platonic or not. Our construction industry is no different.

We currently operate in a fast-paced, dollar-driven world. Subcontractors are afraid to work with us because they have been burned by other General Contractors who have fallen to the bottom line: price on a proposal. Subcontractors have lost faith and integrity in the service industry. This is why we are different. As a General Contractor, it is our goal to make our clients feel understood and valued.
To accomplish this goal and create relationships to stand the test of time, we view each client as a new relationship, not the next piece to our portfolio. We aim to build trust and understanding as a solid foundation through our integrity.  Our clients are now friends and family to the Freestone Team. We want to know them, their background, family, and THEN their business. Understanding how a person operates, their personal goals and visions for their life and business, help us know how to approach each conversation and assist them in the future.
Food for thought …
What do you do to build lasting relationships and show the integrity of your company to clients?
Do you take the client out to eat or drop by and visit during the off-season?
What shows your investment into each client?
Do you have a marketing and advertising strategy you spend a significant budget on for clients who won’t stay long?
Our integrity is not based on the price of a proposal. We have found our investment in clients through our communication and leadership style pays off over time.  At B. Taylor and Freestone Reconstruction, we have a low marketing and advertising budget for our clients and prospective clients. Our client base is built from reputation, core values, and integrity.
Simply put, we help people who need a great service.