The holidays! Personally, I have never been a fan of The Holidays. Life is always busy enough and then society has created this pressure on us to have formal gatherings, decorate your house, special dinners and of course, buy everyone you know the perfect gift. It just becomes so much that it loses its joy for me. No – I am not a Scrooge (although, I don’t like birthdays either), it’s just the pressure that I feel.


I do enjoy the time of reflection as we flip the script on another rotation around the sun. Where have we improved? Whose life have you positively impacted this year? Did you get enough volunteer hours in? Is society any better or worse because of the intentional effort you put in this year? Most of all, I look back and ask myself, where did I waiver? This is a question of integrity for me. Did I ever sacrifice doing the right thing for temporary gain?


My Mom sent me this article last year and I really think it hits home for me. We are a baseball family, so it is suitable that we use a baseball analogy. Please take a moment and read this article. Most importantly, hold yourself accountable this next year to improving not only you but those around you.


Thank you, for a record-breaking year of hard work … but the work has just begun …


-Brian Taylor, President

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