Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Do you hop on the color trend bandwagon or do you stay traditional to your association colors?
Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year is Naval. This beautiful shade of blue might be the perfect option for a fresh exterior color on your property. It provides a sense of peace and quiet confidence like none other. If you are wanting a resource to help plan the colors for your Multi-Family property, CLICK HERE.
Kelly-Moore’s Color of the Year is KM5183 Sun God. This color gives off a sense of personal passion and confidence. CLICK HERE to check out the colors it pairs well with and how you may want to use this bold color on your property.
Something to consider: every color gives off a different impression and feeling. When choosing your next color be sure to consider what feeling you want your visitors, homeowners, and employees to have when they are on your property.
  • BLUE – Peace, quiet, and serenity. Blue can sometimes be viewed as a depressing color, however if you mix up the shades, you will find it can signify loyalty, authority, or strength.
  • YELLOW – Happiness, energy, and playfulness. Yellow can be a scary color to use for some people, yet if it is used correctly and in the right shade it can give a bold, delightful statement.
  • RED – Passion, excitement, aggressive, and important. This is a color you may use with caution or play with the shades of red to find the perfect fit.
  • GREEN – Life, prosperity, nature, and vitality. Green is always a wonderful option for an accent color.
  • BROWN – Natural, rustic, and honest. Often paired with green, brown can be a great match for a rustic setting or just as a neutral color for your property.
We are fortunate to work with both Sherwin-Williams and Kelly-Moore as trusted industry partners. If you have color selection questions or what to discuss a future painting project, our team is happy to help. We are already starting to book fall and winter projects, however we still have room for late summer. If we can assist you, please let us know.
The B. Taylor Painting Team

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