“We keep a friendly atmosphere, we love what we do, and we want to show it on through!” 

Friendly is an attribute that can play its part in every moment of a day. From how you answer the phone, to how you react to a team member, to the email you send to a disgruntled homeowner. 

As a team, we emphasize friendly communication. Communicating our friendliness throughout the day can be difficult with a variety of different distractions. However, if you make it a point to stay curious and keep friendly at the forefront of your mind, relaying a friendly message is quite simple. 

Friendly has to be at the core of your being. Often it is something we have to work on. Yet, just like every value in our value system, we have to constantly work toward it and never think we are “finished”. We fully understand there is not every moment in the day that we show friendliness; however, because it is part of our value it is something we can base our day on. 

Questions for you: 

Do you relate to this value? 

Have you caught one of our employees being friendly? 

What does friendly look like in your place of business? 

Would you like to find out ways to build your business and your client list using a friendly moment?


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