Forgiving: It’s a top priority for our business and value system. 

“We own up to our mistakes and we learn from them. We forgive others for their mistakes and help them correct them.”

Forgiveness can be a difficult task not only for a company but for everyday life. Yet, our team decided it was important enough they drafted it into our core values several years ago. 

As humans, we like to hold grudges. We like to make people pay for things that negatively hurt us. Forgiveness takes communication and communication hard, especially proper communication. 

Can you think of a time where a business partner or client did wrong to you and what you immediately thought? Maybe even your significant other did wrong to you and you held it against them for years? 

This is why forgiveness is in our value system. In business, we make decisions and sometimes the decisions are not the right ones. It is important for us to own up to our mistakes and then forgive ourselves for them. We all make mistakes. We are human.

Without forgiveness individually, we cannot make progress. Without progress … you know the rest of that story. Forgiveness can be very difficult at times; however, by having the value of forgiveness in our value system, it gives us a sounding board when decisions get tough. 

A question for you: 

Do you have something or someone you need to forgive? 

Work on it today. Forgiveness will remove the negative weights you carry personally and professionally. It will allow you to make decisions quicker and at the very least, will give you an opportunity to be happy. 


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